If your home or business has suffered water damage, we can help make it right.
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Water Damage

Water in unwanted places causes more damage than any other peril.

Water damage can be the result of weather-related problems, plumbing issues & fire. Flooding, or even a small leak, can result in structural damage, mold & mildew if not taken care of promptly. If your home or business has suffered water damage, Aquire Restoration of Madison can make it right.

Depending on the source of water & elapsed time of intrusion, most materials can be dried and restored WITHOUT REPLACING MATERIALS. Some materials must be replaced when the source of water is contaminated or the elapsed time of intrusion has passed certain timelines in order to protect the structural integrity of a building and the health of the occupants. The secret is to know what can be saved and what must be replaced. Aquire Restoration of Madison is IICRC Certified to restore properties damaged by water.

If you experience a water loss…

Call Aquire Restoration right away. The faster you act the more money you will save.

Turn the water off at the main if you can do so that safely. Slip and fall and electrocution are a couple of hazards we want you to avoid at all costs and are the two most commons causes of injury.

We will move the contents to a dry area for you.

We will document the water damage for you using pictures and psychometric readings and provide you with that information in case you file an insurance claim.

If you do file an insurance claim, we can help you navigate that process.

Our goal is to dry your home or business without removing materials out and the key to drying without removing is acting quickly and starting the process. We save you, and your insurance company, money and time by drying materials in place. Other companies will often tear out these same materials needlessly adding costs and increasing the time it takes getting your home or business back to its original condition. We utilize the following principles:

  • Physically extracting the water using the most advanced equipment on the market;
  • We use Thermal Imaging and Hygrometers to find and measure how wet the structure is;
  • Setting up drying chambers to control the area we are drying fast;
  • Set up the best dehumidifiers to maximize evaporation all while using less energy (amps) and lower Grains of Water Per Pound (GPP);
  • Using the correct air mover set up per class of water;
  • Moisture Mapping: We diagram the chamber and map out what is wet. We then set moisture goals to hit and track the progress, so you and your insurance company can see exactly how we dried your home or business;
  • Psychometry: We can show you that the chamber is set up to dry, we are pulling GPP’s into the chamber as quickly and as low as possible and we are tracking the GPP’s around the chamber including the Dehumidifiers, Unaffected Areas, HVAC and Outside the area,
  • Drying is a science and we are the best and the fastest at getting you back to a pre-loss condition!

We track each water damage from start to finish in a program called DASH. We will send you a link immediately, so you can see in real time how your home or business is drying. Aquire Restoration of Madison operates in a completely transparent model and will include you in as much as you want to know! Drying structures properly is our passion and we will prove it to you!

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