We are certified to restore properties damaged by mold, protecting their structural integrity as well as their occupants' health.
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Mold Damage

Lacking easily recognized symptoms, mold is an insidious hazard to health and property.

Although mold is often the result of water damage – it can be caused either by a slow leak, major flooding – it can also be a result of high humidity due to poor ventilation or a roof leak. In any case, left untreated, it can cause as much damage as a fire.

Mold spores can weaken the structural integrity of a building if not addressed in a timely fashion. Pathogens threaten the health of occupants; especially infants, the elderly, pets & anyone with a compromised immune system. You cannot just trust your nose or any restoration contractor. Knowing the signs – and understanding its causes – is the first step to getting rid of mold once and for all. Aquire Restoration of Madison is IICRC Certified to restore properties damaged by mold.

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